Help beloved venue Spettro survive the COVID-19 emergency! Donate! Share! Spread the word!


Three months of closure have completely checkmated us, and Spettro is at risk of closure. But we have a plan! With this fundraiser, we hope to be able to survive until September, so that we can offer you brave new sonic adventures in Via Arnaldo Soldini 51, Brescia. We are gearing up to re-open in respect of the new rules, but under these conditions we need help. Your contribution is essential to cope with the crisis. We believe in you because we know that there is a community of people fond of free music, independent culture, and community-making. Spettro is a magic place, a place of unstoppable research, acting as the pivot of a very precious international music scene, where many wonderful things happen. Donating means to ensure that Spettro can stay home. It means keeping a home that belongs to everyone. We have to resist in a wider struggle. We must withstand a crisis that (as usual) affects the most culture, art, and entertainment. We can’t do it alone. We are calling on our community.

To keep the Spectral spirit alive and to show our gratitude, we thought of offering you some very special rewards, produced exclusively for this fundraiser (check them out!). On top of them all, the Limited Edition SPETTRO COMPILATION. A terrific kermesse featuring more than 30 new tracks from the artists and friends who performed on Spettro’s stage.

Thank you for your continuous support, now and since the beginning.

Heartfelt thanks to all the artists involved:

ACCHIAPPASHPIRT ~ Infected Burst ~ Bear Bones, Lay Low ~ Cacophonator( Luca Collivasone ~ Casilina Vecchia ( @gabrielelepera / Simona Berardi ) Ottaven (Caned Icoda) ~ Galya Chikiss ~ Chris Imler ~ Cristhophe Clébard (David Starr) ~ Delmore FX (Giorgio Gabber) ~ Fausto Sierakowski ~ Francisco Meirino ~ Giovanni Di Domenico ~ Kawamura Gun ~ Guido Möbius ~ Interlingua ( Francesco Fonassi / Francesco Venturi )~ Lorenzo Abattoir ~ Alessandra Novaga & Stefano Pilia ~ Novoline (Jackwolf Formen) ~ Nicola Ratti ~ Ongon ~ Pak Yan Lau ~ Polonius (Polonius)~ Riccardo La Foresta ~ Ricc Moro ~ Sandro Gibellini & Hot Three ~ Silvia Cignoli ~ Sistro ~ Steve Pepe ~ Trapcoustic ~ Twoonky ~ Zeta Zeta ( Daf Lloyd) ~ Umlaut (Valley Sounds) ~ Jooklo Duo (Virginia Genta) ~ Clavdio Rocchetti

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