IMMER WAR ES THORSTEN (new cassette)

I bought a wine , a good one! 

Atarcted by the bottle, I have not seen the wine was white…

I went down to “Sucked Orange Keller”

I have cleaned everything and I prepared to make this cassette.

I miss play music in a bar or an small club, more than the crowd of people, I miss the gaze of somebody  that understand “between lines” everything that is happening at the moment.

I started recording, it was quite late , and I was feeling a bit high… some defects appeared in the recording, I could have recorded over and over again, but thats me! With all those defects, and if you want to feel… to feel the sensation of a live of mine , you have to understand that is like that, is a full of defects and make this radio show here presented more alive. During the recording I thought that I could blame an imaginary cat named “Thorsten” for those defects. I was always fascinated by that name “Thorsten”, it is a Norwegian name although it is used a lot in Germany . It means “the stone of god” a name that for a spaniard never will be unnoticed. It sound metallic, abrupt, clowns, Thorsten!

And here is this Radio-show, spontaneous  as only I can be, a soundtrack of a regular day , that will never by repeated…

I hope you like the selection. Don’t this it should be extraordinary, this day wasn’t, only let yourself go. I could have written this text  proper, but Thorsten was hungry and was bothering me… Hopefully you will understand me, even in the distance…

The the tape you can get in:

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