Sorry for our silence, I didn’t want to do a drama, so in silence,I decided to cut the radio a month ago, to do a little job … Miguelito told me, that I should use a compressor for my voice. I buy one! Marcutis helped me understand it, then I got a better cassette deck, a mixer and I ended up throwing walls and opening holes, digging, and it’s almost finished … I’ve built a basement, digging! with very rudimentary tools! and I’m waiting for one last thing to be able to broadcast. During we have been taking care of the play list, adapting it to the different weather conditions, etc. With a device that has some artificial intelligence, in some way the device is in charge of making a random selection, and sometimes understands the hours, if it is day, if it is night, or if it is hot … and sometimes it creates a very crazy atmosphere, that we can not reproduce as selectors, I would be afraid to bore someone, or to put certain songs together but the device is not afraid and that makes it powerful! sometimes boring yes, other masterful. I am sometimes surprised! It is made up of projects that have participated in Musikií Radio and things in our own collection, mixed with records that we wanted to listen to surprise our own. So we will start in the end of jun, with new programation , so! as always: This Can be a Impro for us, an old tracks, or record presentation. Different projects, your history in tracks, radio pieces…. Etc Whatever comes from your inward. The files (please and this is important)  Should be Trough wetransfer(or similar program) with name in the folder of project and in each track Example: 1. NAME BAND OR PROJECT – TITLE – (RECORD/DEMO/) 2. NAME BAND OR PROJECT – TITLE – (RECORD/DEMO/) (like that) .If you want you can let us a description of you or each track (optional) You can send us all music you want , but if is too long , then we will select… Then we will make an special about you…. Please collaborate with us!

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